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All About Hope

Symbols of Hope: The symbols pictured on the prayer card are ancient symbols of hope. Blue is the color of hope because our blue planet, sky and sea are the creation that mirror God’s love, our true hope. Since the days of Noah, Hope is represented by the Dove which returned to the ark carrying an olive branch which meant that there was dry land. The people’s hope was fulfilled and soon they would embrace the new life that God would provide. The anchor is a symbol of hope is often carved in early Christian catacombs. The anchor reminds us that hope keeps us safely in place in a storm. In peaceful seas the anchor is lifted, raising our spirits with freedom to sail forth as love in action. The line or rope on the anchor represents our life journey which spirals upward through the cross as we journey from our creation by God in glory to our ultimate hope in sharing eternal life with God in glory.

Hope for People of Faith: Hope is a feeling of expectation and a desire for a particular outcome in the future. For people of faith Hope is a trust in God’s Providence, faithfulness and promise to be with us always. Hope is the affirmation that “God’s power at work in us can accomplish far more than we could ever hope for or imagine.” Ephesians 3:20. Christian hope is a gift from God that can be experienced in prayer. The anagram of HOPE illustrates four aspects of prayer or prayer steps that can help us to experience God’s gift of hope in our daily lives.

Honesty Openness Perspective Endurance

Honesty - being completely candid with God in prayer about our thoughts, feelings and situation.

Openness - consciously affirming God’s desire to do more from us than we can do for ourselves. Prayer opens us to the transformation of mind, heart and spirit.

Perspective - asking God to reveal in prayer new ways of seeing ourselves, others and circumstances. We learn to see more clearly with faith, in hope and with love.

Endurance - relying on the power of the Holy Spirit for courage, self-control, strength and inner peace.

Theme Prayer - Our Theme Prayer is simple, profound and a lovely affirmation that our HOPE lies, yesterday, today and forever, in the Lord.

O Lord, My Hope Lies in You


Hear good news for everyday lives told through stories that may bring a smile or a tear but always touch the heart.

HOPE Theme - Week I

Fr. Joe shares the story of a professional ocean swimmer who setting out on a twenty-six mile swim encounters fog. When our lives are shrouded in fog are spiritual in Christian HOPE helps us to continue forward and to flourish.

HOPE Theme - Week II

Fr. Nico shares a story about two famous people whose antipathy for one another led to a legendary and humorous repartee. You may never look at a couple of tea in exactly the same way.

Theme Hymn: O Lord, My Hope Lies in You
(Music: My Soul in Stillness Waits by Marty Haugen)

O Lord my God, in you I find my peace; truly my hope lies in you.

Verse 1:
O Lord of Hope, our only light of glory,
Your radiance shines in honesty and truth;
Open to us the pathway of your peace.

Verse 2:
O Lord of Hope, the source of Love in Action,
Bring new perspective for our eyes to see;
O give our hearts the grace of blest endurance.

Prayer Practices

There are as many ways to pray as there are people. Experiencing prayer in new ways enriches our relationship with self, others and God.


The beauty of hymns, music and song often open our minds and hearts to new perspectives and so lift our spirits by renewing our faith, hope and love. Listen carefully and prayerfully to this recording of our Theme Hymn. Experience the HOPE of the Lord which dwells within you.

Reflection Questions

    Read prayerfully and reflectively the lines of our theme hymn.
  1. 1. What are your honest thoughts and feelings about it?
  2. 2. Which ideas or words surprise, comfort or annoy you? Discuss this with the Lord.
  3. 3. What words or deeds will you speak or accomplish to be a sign of hope and love in action for someone


This week we offer two prayer practices to explore our thoughts and feelings Honestly with God in prayer. Experience the HOPE of the Lord which dwells within you.


  1. 1. Instructions for the List of Feeling Words. Read through the list. What words seem to capture your present feelings? Read More >>
  2. 2. Invite God to join you on this visual journey. Look carefully at the painting. Read More >>


Two prayer practices are offered this week to explore our Openness to God's presence and power at work in our lives.


  1. 1. Prayerfully reflect on the following list and inventory which identifies areas in which we are invited to grow in Openness. Read More >>
  2. 2. Invite God to join you on this visual journey using Tanner’s painting The Annunciation as a reflection on Openness. Read More >>