When Joseph marveled at the sight
Of that small breathing frame,
And gazed upon those eyes so bright
And whispered Jesus’ name.
The angel’s words he once had dreamed
Poured down from heaven’s height,
And like the host of stars that beamed
Blessed earth with welcome light.

The tools which Joseph laid aside
A mob would later lift
And use with anger, fear, and pride
To crucify God’s gift.
Let us, O Lord, not only hold
This Christ, to whom we pray,
But charged with faith may we be bold
To follow in his way.


St. Ignatius of Loyola believed that God speaks to us in our thoughts, feelings and imagination. Ignatian Spirituality teaches us to use Contemplation. Contemplation in this sense uses both real and imagined senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and the sixth sense intuition. The prayer involves inviting God to be with you as you imagine yourself in the scene. What do you see, hear or feel? What character interests you? Share this in prayer with God and see what ideas, images or concepts come to you as a form of mutual communication. What loving action is motivated through this prayer? If you wish to use this Scripture for your meditation see Mark 9:2 – 10.

Our Lenten St. Joseph Hymn is the focus of this week’s practice of Contemplation. Prayerfully listen to the hymn (a few times if you wish) and read the words. Imagine yourself in the scenes presented by the lyrics. Using your six senses project yourself into the song as part of your experience. Whatever catches your attention is the area on which to focus. What touches you, surprises you, delights you, challenges you about the hymn? Share this with God. What ideas concepts or insights come to you as you pray? What loving action is motivated through this contemplation? What action will you take? Thank God for your experience.