HOPE Theme – Week I

Fr. Joe shares the story of a professional ocean swimmer who setting out on a twenty-six mile swim encounters fog. When our lives are shrouded in fog are spiritual in Christian HOPE helps us to continue forward and to flourish.

HOPE Theme – Week II

Fr. Nico shares a story about two famous people whose antipathy for one another led to a legendary and humorous repartee. You may never look at a couple of tea in exactly the same way.

HOPE Theme – Week III

Fr. Joe shares a humorous story about a young woman whose lack of Honesty and Openness to her own thoughts, feelings and behavior cause consequences in her professional life. Honesty and Openness enable us to love God and others with our full hearts, minds and souls.

HOPE Theme – Week V

Fr. Matt takes us into an apple orchard on the foothills of the Himalayas where a Kashmiri grandfather or Budhebub reveals a secret to his grandson that contains a spirit of Wisdom older than the earth on which they stand. Bite into the sweet fruit of prayer to change your...