Celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph Video Series

Join us for a 6-part series about Celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph. Episodes include 5 videos and a Novena to St. Joseph. The following Introductory Video Episode 1 explains the history of the Feast and how to set up a St. Joseph Table/Altar. The following components are your invitation to Pray – Feast – Consecrate – Participate (An act of Charity: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Paterson Children’s Division)

Episode 1

Fr. Joe gives an introduction to the video series and a brief history about the Feast of St. Joseph with an explanation about how to create a St. Joseph Table/Altar.

Episode 2

Pope Francis established 2021 as a Year in Honor of St. Joseph. The following Novena is 9 days of prayer culminating on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19th, when you are invited to pray the Prayer of Consecration to St. Joseph at a Festive Meal.

Episode 3

Join Fr. Joe and Fr. Nico as they prepare a Crabcake Appetizer and a Salad with 2 exotic leaf vegetables and one bulbous cousin of a carrot. 

Episode 4

Join Fr. Joe and Fr. Nico as they hook an easy way to prepare fish and vegetables in one net using Aluminum (in North America) or alumimium (rest of the world) with a dash of prayer.

Episode 5

 Join Fr. Matt as he uses his culinary tools at room temperature to heat up a rich, light and luscious dessert.

Episode 6

The Clerical Chefs cook an Italian Meat Sauce from the area of Genoa in the north of Italy. Genoese Sauce is rich in flavor from the assorted meats, tomatoes and mushrooms that are indigenous to the region. Served with Medium Pasta Shells the sauce also works well with the timely shaped Orecchiette Pasta (Little Ears/ Face Masks).

Episode 7

As we celebrate the Easter season, Fr. Matt prepares a healthy and sweet treat for you to enjoy – Oatmeal cookies. Enjoy!