Gift Prayer Tags

Wrap Your Gift in Prayer

You are invited to share the gift of HOPE this Christmas by wrapping the people in your life in prayer. If you are physically exchanging gifts or cards you can use the downloadable Gift Prayer Tags.

Especially at this time, the gift of text, email and social media, such as Facebook, keep us connected. You may attach an Electronic Gift Prayer Tag Image (below) to your message of Christmas greeting. Your prayer and witnessing it may be just what are needed to kindle a renewed hope in God’s Providence for someone feeling the burden of the holidays.

When you send an email or text message put the following image or text at the bottom of your message. Let the recipient know that they are in your prayer with every greeting they receive.

(Copy and paste this text into the signature of your email greetings…)

“This Christmas greeting is wrapped in prayer for you and your loved ones.”

Add this image to any email greeting you send to let the recipient know they are in your prayer.


Text message the image below to those in your prayer.



Download, print and cut these labels apart. Attach them to any gift you give.


Download a PDF