Perspective shapes our thoughts, feelings, spirit and actions. Reflecting through this practice invites us to a new experience through Physical Activity and through Reflection Questions that contain prayer steps. We seek to Involve God in changing our perspective about situations that leave us feeling short on HOPE.


We are creatures of habit. Sometimes a subtle change of habit can alter our perspective. Before you begin the reflection questions below, try one or all of the following in your prayer time.
  • Write a paragraph with your nondominant hand
  • Eat a meal without utensils
  • Eat a meal with your eyes shut and notice your other senses
  • Go down or up a set of stairs on your backside
  • (If Fit) Walk carefully backward instead of forward
  • Take a shower if you take a bath or vice versa
  • Take a walk
  • Do something physical in a different way


God can bless us with wisdom through asking questions and seeking answers. Our perspective can be changed in prayer through the following steps/ Praying – Asking – Seeking – Listening – Acting:
  • Praying – In what areas do I need to honestly and with an open mind and heart ask God to help me to see in new ways?
  • Asking – What questions can I discuss with God about my thoughts, feelings and situation?
  • Seeking – Whose advice can I seek? Who do I deem as wise? Should I pursue professional help?
  • Listening – What are people saying to me as feedback? What inner sense am I getting from God in prayer? What new ideas, insights or subtle changes in my thoughts or feelings are happening?
  • Acting – How will I follow through with whatever change of behavior my change of perspective directs me toward?