Gate, 1993, Patricia Wright 9×9 in, acrylic on paper, Private Collection



Sister Wendy’s reflection on GATE above is titled A Way Through. Please read carefully her simple yet eloquent words about the delicate sketch pictured above.

A Way Through
“Life’s seems simpler if we blot out awareness of its mystery, but such a life is an impoverished one. There is a dimension to ourselves, the most essential dimension, which it is folly to ignore. Patricia Wright’s GATE is a delicate image of this. She shows us the complexities of a normal existence – lines in confusion, with hints of grated order behind, to which we are not privy. As we move to the center, the lines grow ever more clotted and chaotic: who can ever understand the meaning of events that make up our conscious experience – in relationships, in business, or whatever? But the swirls of events are the context wherein is held the gate. It is a real but shadowy presence, a way through, a possibility. If we allow silence to open up within, we shall see the gate and be free to open it.”

(S. Wendy Beckett, Sister Wendy’s Book of Meditation, DK Publications Inc., New York, 1998.)


  • What attracts you to this piece of art? How does it make you feel? What do you see in the sketching? How would you describe this work to someone else? Do you see any other symbol besides a gate?
  • Discuss with the Lord the ‘Gates’ that hold you back. Where have you felt blocked off in your life in the past, in the present or in fears for the future? Discuss this with the Lord.
  • How is the Lord inviting you to experience the Grace of Endurance in these ‘Gated’ situations?
  • In what way/ways can you open the ‘Gate’ of your mind and heart and work to be love in action as a symbol of HOPE for someone in your life?