In this week’s homily we heard a story about the great French author Honore’ de Balzac who when a young and struggling writer lived for many years in all but empty attic. However, on the walls had written with a piece of coal: “Rosewood paneling,” on another “Venetian Mirror,” over the fireplace “Painting by Rafael.” These images of his dream and vision encouraged him during the times when he was tempted to give up writing. Years later he possessed each item he had once dreamed and envisioned. Like St. Joseph we are invited to be people who dream and have a vision of what is possible. In prayer God gives us with a dream and vision of who he wishes for us to become and how God will empower us to provide for the dreams and visions of others. As you begin this prayer ask God to empty your mind of expectations and frustrations so that you might be open to God’s dream and vision for you. Look at the photo of the empty room above. Ask God to direct your desire. Use your faith imagination to pretend this is a room that can be filled prayerfully by you – it is your spiritual room.
  • How would you like to decorate your spiritual room? What furniture would be helpful in prayer? What objects help you to pray or might you find inspirational in this space? Imagine them there. Discuss each item with God to find a deeper meaning.
  • What music would be playing in your spiritual room? Why? How does this music speak to you about God and your other loving relationships? Perhaps you can play the music now. Share the music with God.
  • If you could invite anyone you wished to share this room with you both those that are now with the Lord and those who are here among us – who would you choose? What do you wish to say to them what they say to you?
  • Spend some time in this imaginary prayerful place, perhaps journal about it. Thank God for your experience.