Journeying with St. Joseph

Journey with St. Joseph we are learning to use the spiritual tools of this master craftsman and faithful steward entrusted with the care of the Holy Family. Reflecting on St. Joseph as a Prayer, Dreamer and Provider we learn about God’s vision for our lives and how to do our mission of Christ work as love in action.


Hear good news for everyday lives told through stories that may bring a smile or a tear but always touch the heart.
Journey with St. Joseph – Week I

Our Lenten Theme begins with a story about the once struggling French author Balzac who became a success by overcoming temptation by literally drawing a dream and vision for his life. Dreaming and receiving a vision from God through prayer helps us to overcome temptation and empowers us to provide for the good of others. Jesus, St. Joseph and the Holy Family inspire us in this homily to be Prayers, Dreamers and Providers.

Journey with St. Joseph – Week II

Our Lenten Theme continues as we juggle the numbers from 1 to 10 discovering that 9 may hold a secret that reveals how we grow in holiness by turning toward God in prayer. The Transfiguration of Jesus inspires us to be transformed into the image and likeness of Christ. Through the intercession of quiet St. Joseph, we learn to still ourselves and center our prayer in a restful way.

Theme Hymn: O Lord, My Hope Lies in You
(Music: My Soul in Stillness Waits by Marty Haugen)

O Lord my God, in you I find my peace; truly my hope lies in you.

Verse 1:
O Lord of Hope, our only light of glory,
Your radiance shines in honesty and truth;
Open to us the pathway of your peace.

Verse 2:
O Lord of Hope, the source of Love in Action,
Bring new perspective for our eyes to see;
O give our hearts the grace of blest endurance.

Prayer Practices

There are as many ways to pray as there are people. Experiencing prayer in new ways enriches our relationship with self, others and God.